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Longi Modules

Longi Solar Modules

Longi Solar Modules

LR5-72HBD 525~545Wp
LR4-72HPH 430~460Wp
LR5-72HPH 530~550Wp
LR4-60HPH 355~385Wp
LR5-66HBD 480~500Wp
LR4-66HPH 405~425Wp
LR5-66HPH 485~505Wp
LR4-72HBD 425~455Wp
LR4-60HBD 360~370Wp

Trina Solar Modules

Trina Solar Modules

Trina Solar Modules

Vertex 500W 550W 600W 670W
Vertex S 380W 385W 390W 395W 400W 405W
Duomax 280W~450W
Duomax Twin 315W~445W
Tallmax 340W~450W
Honey Black 285W~335W

18650 Lithium Battery

18650 Lithium Battery Cell

18650 lithium battery

18650 lithium battery is one of the model of cylindrical lithium-ion battery. Its diameter is 18mm, height is 65.0mm and rated voltage is 3.7V.

In order to meet the requirements of more devices, 18650 lithium battery was invented. It is made by 18650 cells connected in parallel and series, so that it has larger voltage and longer discharging time.

32650 Lithium Battery Cell

32650 lithium battery

The 32650 battery is a lithium battery with a diameter of 32mm and a height of 65mm. This battery has a strong continuous discharge capacity, so it is more suitable for electric toys, backup power supplies, UPS batteries, wind power generation systems, and wind and solar hybrid power generation systems.

Square size rechargeable  lifepo4 lithium battery

Square size rechargeable 
lifepo4 lithium battery

The prismatic lithium battery has high packaging reliability; high system energy efficiency; relatively light weight and high energy density; relatively simple structure and relatively convenient expansion. It is currently an important option for increasing energy density by increasing monomer capacity; large monomer capacity, The system configuration is relatively simple, which makes it possible to monitor the monomers one by one; another advantage brought by the simple system is relatively good stability.

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