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The peak period of power used battery is approaching, as China for example, new energy vehicles have entered the explosive growth stage since 2014, it is expected that by 2022,530 thousands tons of lithium battery will retired.
With the increasing popularity of new energy vehicles, large-scale decommissioned batteries will become a major social problem, which not only affects the sustainable development of the new energy industry, but also brings a series of environmental problems. Therefore, when power lithium batteries are used in new energy vehicles How to smoothly transition to the next level of utilization after the completion of the above mission has become a common concern for practitioners in the new energy industry and even national policy makers.
The construction of the power battery recycling system has the dual significance of economy and environmental protection. The recovery of power batteries is mainly divided into two cyclic processes of cascade utilization and disassembly and recovery, and the recovery cycle of power batteries starts with cascade utilization.
Retired lithium batteries have high economic value and will also change the entire lithium battery market. The decommissioned batteries used in energy storage has a huge market:
1. Household energy storage
Lithium-ion battery energy storage can be applied to home and combined with home roof photovoltaic systems to realize power generation and energy storage systems. For home users, combining the power lithium-ion battery with the home roof photovoltaic system to store the electricity generated by the photovoltaic system during the peak daylight hours and release it for use at the peak power consumption at night. On the one hand, it can prevent high electricity prices. Purchase electricity from the grid during the time period. On the other hand, it can also prevent the excess photovoltaic power generated by oneself from being sold to the grid or wasted at a lower price. This power lithium battery energy wall + photovoltaic + energy storage arbitrage model will be used in future households Lithium-ion battery energy storage has great development prospects, which is particularly important for regions with photovoltaic power generation policies.
2. Commercial energy storage
Power lithium batteries can also be used effectively in commercial and industrial electricity. In commercial office buildings, technology-based companies break through the technical bottleneck of cascade utilization through cascading technology, and help the large-scale promotion of electrochemical energy storage power stations, making the battery modular, compatible with the use of different manufacturers, different aging degrees, and different types of lithium-ion batteries Longevity, reducing later operation and maintenance costs, this may also become a new development direction for future power companies.
3. Communication base station
Communication base stations are a scene that is very suitable for echelon utilization of power lithium batteries. As the density of 5G network base stations increases, the demand for echelon utilization of power lithium batteries will gradually increase.
Its not a simple transplantation to put retired power lithium batteries from new energy vehicles and use for cascading energy storage, recycling of lithium batteries should establish a complete ecosystem, the technical and safety barriers will be new topical and research in future,

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